WP1 – Initiation

  • A1.1 State of the Art
  • A1.2 Requirements analysis and specification
  • A1.3 Architectural design
  • A1.4 Definition of exercises
  • A1.5 Dissemination

WP2 – Prototype development and testing

  • A2.1 Experimentation with new equipment and algorithms adaptations
  • A2.2 Testing the algorithms
  • A2.3 Development of the system frame
  • A2.4 Exercise development
  • A2.5 Continuous testing and evaluation
  • A2.6 Dissemination
  • A2.7 Complete prototype development and testing
  • A2.8 Telemedicine
  • A2.9 Functions integration

WP3 – System refinement, clinical study and preparing continuation

  • A3.1 Clinical study
  • A3.2 System refinement
  • A3.3 Preparing transition and continuation
  • A3.4 Testing
  • A3.5 Dissemination